a seamless travel experience from door, to dock


take the mystery out of cruise planning

Did you ever go on a cruise and find yourself surprised with unexpected prices or restrictions? There are nuances in what’s included in a cruise package, and we know them all. Here at Fancy Girl Travel, we offer you clarity, keeping you well-informed about the perks of your package while ensuring you are not blindsided by common industry caveats like limited free Wi-Fi.

We’ll simplify the booking process, removing the headaches and confusions that are often associated with planning a vacation, and will help you with transparency in pricing. We’re also able to offer you many different options for travel, such as finding you the best cabin and experience for your budget. Speaking of budget, we can offer substantial discounts for travelers, and we also make sure that your coupons and loyalty rewards are honored.

Fancy Girl Travel is not just there for you while you’re preparing: we can make sure you’ve got the flight you need to get there.


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