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South Africa: Seychelles, Kenya & Tanzania

Up to $200 Free Onboard Credit

Embark on a 17-day cruise from Doha, Qatar, to explore destinations including Seychelles, Kenya, and Tanzania. Enjoy diverse dining options on the Norwegian Dawn cruise ship. In Doha, discover architectural marvels, visit the National Museum of Qatar, explore Souqs, and soak in the city’s vibrant atmosphere. Norwegian offers a range of accommodations, and dining options include Main Dining Rooms and specialty restaurants with flexible dining times.

The Itinerary of the Trip

Your journey begins in Doha, Qatar, where you can explore the city’s architectural wonders and vibrant culture. The next stops are in the UAE, offering a blend of tradition and modernity. Days 4 to 7 are spent at sea, providing ample time for relaxation. Port Victoria and La Digue in Seychelles await on days 8 and 9, offering pristine beaches and natural beauty. After more days at sea, you’ll delve into the rich cultures of Mombasa, Zanzibar, and Dar Es Salaam in Kenya and Tanzania. Days 15 and 17 are perfect for unwinding at sea. Your voyage concludes in Port Louis, Mauritius, a tropical paradise.

About the Norwegian Dawn

The Norwegian Dawn cruise ship is a magnificent vessel designed for ultimate comfort and luxury. With a wide range of accommodations, from adjoining staterooms to lavish penthouses with private butlers, it caters to every vacationing style. Dining options are diverse, with over a dozen choices, including specialty restaurants. This cruise ship offers flexibility with no fixed dining times or pre-assigned seating, ensuring a superb culinary experience for all passengers. Whether you’re a museum enthusiast, a shopper, or a beach lover, the Norwegian Dawn cruise ship provides an unforgettable experience on the seas.

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