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About Fancy Girl Travel

Embark on a Journey of Tailored Travel Planning

We offer you VIP Treatment, transforming travel into personalized experiences with an eye for unique requests and meticulous attention to every need. Fancy Girl Travel saves you time and we design vacations that are extraordinary, effortless, and mindful of your budget, ensuring every traveler’s wish list is seamlessly integrated into one amazing experience.

How Malista Got Started

Malista’s venture into the world of travel planning was sparked by her husband’s career, which required frequent travel. Uninspired by the monotony of “normal” hotel rooms, she was compelled to elevate their accommodation experiences without tipping the scales of their budget. This pursuit of comfort and value blossomed over 15 years into professional expertise in corporate travel planning. She became adept at not just booking hotels, but arranging a variety of lodgings while meticulously managing the whereabouts and needs of travelers, ensuring they enjoyed the same upgraded experiences that she had sought when planning trips for her and her husband.

The VIP Treatment

What sets Fancy Girl Travel apart as a travel planner is our commitment to providing concierge services tailored precisely to your preferences and desires. We approach each request with patience, relishing the challenge of fulfilling even the most special and unique travel wishes. Our meticulous attention to detail ensures that every specific need is met with the utmost care. Moreover, we possess the adept ability to simultaneously coordinate and satisfy the diverse requirements of multiple travelers, ensuring everyone’s expectations are not just met but exceeded, making every journey an impeccably personalized experience.

De-Stressing Your Trip

We take the stress out of travel planning by zeroing in on the minutiae that can make or break a trip. By handling every intricate detail, we free up your time, allowing you to look forward to the journey, not just the destination. Our goal is to craft an extraordinary vacation that feels effortless and respects your budget. We adeptly weave together the varied needs, requirements, and preferences of each traveler into a harmonious itinerary. The result is a seamlessly orchestrated, remarkable travel experience that caters to the desires of everyone involved, ensuring satisfaction without the hassle!



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